Importance of Social Media

Many companies create the social media pages and they think they are already in the social seen. However, they are losing the most important essence of social media platforms which is a place to engage with like-minded people or interests … Read More

We are all wired to connect!

We believe we are all so different, yet we are so alike. Networking is about making connections and building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Relationships are the substance for success. People do business with those they like and trust. Networking provides … Read More

Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing

We have decided to put more pressure to the matter of fact, which mobile applications and mobile marketing must be a critical channel for engagement in 2016 and onward and we hope this messages here will help you understand the … Read More

How to retain and attract customers!

Have you ever wondered if your customers will come back to shop again or use your services? Have you tried spending thousands of hours and endless money towards wining them back? With your own app, all it takes is a … Read More

Build Your Business Fast by Building Your App Faster!

Mobile technology has changed how companies and small businesses reach customers. A mobile app makes it easy to grow business and create more customer loyalty. Here are five ways a mobile app can help grow your business. 1. Stay in … Read More

Appail social media Concierge services!

Appail social media Concierge services will allow your brand, product or services reach all the right people and help you engage and inform your clients. We will help you to get specific with whom you’d like to reach with your … Read More

Time to App things UP!

Do you want to change your business game in 2016 and beyond? Do you want to see more results and profit? Do you want your brand be able to shine and thrive everywhere? In Appail! We have spent thousands of … Read More

Three reasons why you should have your own app!

1. Be Visible to Customers at All Times Statistics show that the average American spends more than two hours a day on his or her mobile device. Having your own app for your small business will help you be visible … Read More

Change is GOOD!

As we all know technology is expanding every day. Majority of people look to get tasks done in the quickest and easiest way. And that is why almost everyone uses a smart phone. Research shows that 61% of Americans own … Read More